1981 Inventions unveils a new VRF variant with an ultra-retro design


1981 Inventions has unveiled its new limited edition DRV pedal, named DRV ALT UNIVERSE, with a colorful retro design.

The manufacturer, which specializes in highly nuanced design of preamps and distortion pedals, has added to its line of DRV pedals which previously included the DRV SKY BLUE SKY, with a light blue design, and the DRV FRACTURED which took on a cracked magenta finish. .

The pedal and the story behind its creation was revealed in an Instagram post:

“Fun little edit here. Pre-order now (link in bio). I call it DRV ALT UNIVERSE, because it sounds reminiscent, but it’s completely different. Also, I watched a lot of “Into the Spider-Verse” with my kids haha.

“STORY TIME: My good pal Matt Pickett originally commissioned this artwork to be a painted pedal, and the artist (Karen Schierhorn of Big Ear Pedals) recommended doing it as a designed print It’s crazy how the print goes over the button holes, and the whole thing reminds me of a multiverse version of what a 1981 Inventions logo could be.”

The ALT UNIVERSE VRF operates on a standard 9V supply and comes with the standard VRF circuitry seen on all previous versions, including Switchcraft 11 open frame sockets and ultra-quiet soft-touch relay switching.

1981 Inventions manager Matt Hoopes shared his enthusiasm for the design: “Oh my god, this one is bonkers. Such a cool concept. The colors are so radiant. Stretchy and 80s nostalgia / This is my first diversion of the main logo on a pedal, and I’m super happy with it.’

The pedal is in limited supply and is available for pre-order now and will ship in three to four weeks, no later than September 15th.

As with the other DRV releases, a matching ALT UNIVERSE t-shirt is also available for pre-order. For more information on how you can get your hands on the all-new 1981 Inventions pedal, go to 1981inventions.com.


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