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How to Buy a Small Business

Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or an experienced entrepreneur wanting to grow your portfolio, you need money.

What are funding possibilities available? Or your savings? Asking a friend or a grant? There are no wrong ways to raise money to purchase a small company.

Your decision will be based on your specific scenario — the type of your firm, its size, legal and formal requirements, etc.

Let’s look at seven options to finance your small company buy and how to use them, view citrusnorth.com.

1. Personal Funds

It’s simple to fund your next company transaction using your cash. You may have enough money to acquire the company. Stock investing may also be a viable option. Many individuals may consider mortgaging their houses, which is not advised.

Cash purchase financing is uncommon. Always a mix of stock and loan funding. You may fund the down payment with your savings and finance the rest in different methods.

2. Microloan (SBA Loan)

The SBA links businesses with lenders and offers guarantees instead of loan amounts. An acquisition entrepreneur must apply for an SBA loan to get this kind of funding.

Your application will link you to banks. SBA loans are less risky for banks. Thus they provide lower rates to applicants.

SBA loans may support company acquisitions, operating capital, and inventory purchases. To be eligible for an SBA loan, you must own a for-profit firm in the USA and have substantial owner equity.

Ideally, you may combine personal assets with SBA loans to acquire the firm. SBA loans are a fantastic choice if you have strong credit and have been in the company for two years.

3. Seller Financing

Seller financing is used in real estate when the seller manages the mortgage instead of a bank. The concept has been copied in M&A. Instead of asking for a loan. The buyer receives money from the seller.

If you choose seller financing, be aware that such loans have low-interest rates. Among the benefits of seller financing include speed and the ability to tie loan repayment to company success. Adding the choice encourages the vendor to be completely transparent.

4. Bank Loan

Bank loans will always be an option. But they may be out of reach for most. Because banks often need considerable physical assets as security for a loan.

If you have assets with the bank, they may lend you money to buy anything. But other criteria may hinder this. You need a good credit score and an SBA guarantee.

5. Buyouts Leveraged (LBO)

Leveraged buyouts are a popular way to fund bigger deals. In this case, acquired firm assets are held as collateral for a loan to cover purchase costs. The majority of the purchasing price is financed. The main benefit of LBO is maximum return with little equity finance.

Leveraged buyouts are suited for high-value small businesses. It’s called a high leveraged buyout. Private equity companies are the most prevalent users of LBOs.

6. Debt Assumption

You may buy the company in numerous ways. You may acquire the company’s assets, equity, or debt. The number of outstanding loans is removed from the overall purchase cost.

In other words, the original buyer’s obligation is passed to the current buyer. However, the debt assumption option is only available when the company’s creditor agrees to transfer the debt.

7. Loans from Peer-to-Peer

Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending are alternate ways to finance a small company purchase. It might be a good alternative if you want to buy a company with many future potentials or add value to your current portfolio.

Through crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending, various internet intermediaries link lenders/investors with company purchasers. Crowdfunding may be equity-based or reward-based.

The finance intermediaries charge a fee. P2P lending does not need a third party. Instead, you may finance the transaction via your network of investors.


You may use many financing methods to buy a new company. Depending on the situation, you should select how to fund the purchase. You may combine your alternatives and boost the total amount necessary without affecting your funds in certain circumstances.


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