Affinity Creative delivers retro flair for Borreo, a new wine project from Silverado Vineyards


Felix Borreo was an Italian immigrant and Napa grocer who bought a property near Napa Valley Soda Springs Resort and built a stone and redwood winery in 1888, where he planted vines, fruit orchards, and olive trees. In 1992, by Silverado the founders – the Miller family – bought the site and named the vineyard Soda Creek Ranch.

Today, Silverado winegrowers, Jon emmerich and Elena Franceschi, Sangiovese, Rosa, Zinfandel and Kerner handicrafts, as well as olive oil, all from the property. In honour of Felix Borreo, Silverado renamed the vineyard Borreo Ranch and wanted a brand and label design evoking the history of Felix and the property.

Affinity Creative Group’s mission was to respectfully reference Borreo’s rich heritage without resorting to the typical and expected visual clichés of wine labels. In addition, the new brand had to recognize by Silverado the stewardship of this unique vineyard and its unexpected grape varieties.

“When the Atlas Fire of 2017 destroyed the historic ghost winery of this historic property, we knew we had to do something special to honor the legacy of Felix and the site,” said the president of Silverado Vineyards. Russell weis, “So we decided to mark our anniversary by renaming our Soda Canyon Ranch in honor of Borreo; producing a wine bearing his name, reflecting the quality of the fruit, and bottled in packaging inspired by his time. “

Affinity gladly accepted the challenge, creating a very distinctive label design system. The Borreo branding is bold, splashed across the label in an ascending band that nicely connects the classic and contemporary worlds of typographic design. Unexpected vintage-inspired colors change depending on the grape variety, providing contrast and patina to a range of beautiful designs with a retro vibe.

In close collaboration with Affinity, the illustrations on the label feature the property’s plants, designed by Annabelle rey miller, fourth generation winery owner and great-granddaughter of Walt disney. Its realistic depiction of grapes, lemons, pomegranates and other fruits serves as a focal point for the label and provides a natural “scene” for the Borreo brand.

About Silverado Vineyards: In 1981 Ron and Diane Miller and his mother, Lillian disney, created Silverado Vineyards to produce wines from the historic sites of the family estate. Silverado Vineyards’ wine portfolio is fully grown, produced and bottled. Diane and Ron’s children and grandchildren continue to proudly carry on their family’s legacy as owners of Silverado Vineyards. Visit for more information.

About Affinity Creative Group: From our unique creative campus, along the historic Officer Row on Mare Island, California, Affinity Creative Group provides strategic, distinctive and effective branding, digital media and retail activation marketing services, specifically for wine, spirits and other luxury categories. Affinity helps customers of all sizes connect with consumers from the first essential contact moments or at “brand touch” points.

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