Beyoncé explores retro fashion on the cover of British Vogue’s July issue


This Vogue cover is in anticipation of her upcoming studio album, Renaissance. The Renaissance period was a time of rebirth in art, culture and science and we can definitely see a lot of experimentation in the way the photos were taken and the outfits she wore.

Photographed by Raphael Pavarotti, the same person who photographed by Rihanna Vogue pregnancy cover.

This photoshoot uses virtually every color of the rainbow across lighting, disco, and kaleidoscope settings. Vogue describes the images as “a vision of scintillating retro-futurism”.

For the cover, she sits on a white house wearing a black bodysuit, wedge heels and an exaggerated head covering.

In one of the photos, she’s sitting on a disco ball wearing a silk corset, sequined leggings and a silk train, not to mention wedge heels, an ’80s vision.

In another look, she goes full goth in black posing on a motorcycle wearing black lipstick, a black patchwork leather jacket, vinyl leggings, boots and a beaded leather helmet.

The queen of RnB, she shone in a dance hall setting in silver shorts, a quilted crop top from Adidas by Ivy Park, custom armor and shiny boots from Dolce and Gabbana.

Looking like she’s straight out of a sci-fi movie, Beyonce is golden in a coat with a hoodie and gold jewelry from Swarovski.

The sweetest look of the entire shoot is Beyonce in this pink floral leotard.

Beyonce seems to have stepped into the past, but as a futuristic version of the 80s. The whole photoshoot is very experimental and edgy and we loved seeing it!


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