Breitling’s modern-retro design mantra


Q. You brought back the Top Time and Premier chronographs. How have they been doing lately?

The Top Time Limited Edition is a prime example of a watch that evokes an emotional connection with its eye-catching dial, which has long been known as the Zorro dial by collectors. We launched the watch early last year with a cool retro look that gives a clear connection to the past. More recently, in February of this year, we announced a partnership with Australian lifestyle brand Deus Ex Machina, which inspired the rugged and retro Top Time Deus Limited Edition, designed for earthly gods and goddesses who live and love. an adventurous life. Both watches were very well received.

Given the important role the Premier has played in the history of Breitling, we were delighted to launch the Premier Heritage collection, inspired by our founders and the original Premier wristwatches from the 1940s. Willy Breitling was inspired to design the Original Premier wristwatch from the 1940s after identifying people’s desire for a touch of elegance and glamor, in addition to a bold and technologically advanced product. It was Breitling’s first step in aligning purpose with style. I think the desire for a technical watch with a desirable design still exists today and so far we have had fantastic customer feedback on this collection.


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