Bring retro style to your desk with the ‘iGear KeyBee Pro’ typewriter-inspired wireless keyboard and mouse combo


Bring back the joy of typing in retro fashion, but in a modern style, with a KeyBee. iGear is now launching KeyBee Pro – a wireless keyboard and mouse combo – designed to give you the look and feel of using the classic old-school typewriter on your existing laptop or desktop computer. Featuring fully wireless connectivity, the keyboard is designed with classic typewriter-style rounded multi-color keys on a full-size 3-block layout. The iGear KeyBee Pro is a classic addition to your home or office desk.

Excited about the new KeyBee suite, iGear co-founder Neha Sharma said, “The iGear KeyBee Pro is our next offering for serious and business users who prefer the full-size 3-pad layout while giving their office a nostalgic look. reliable classic typewriter. Unlike the compact KeyBee, the KeyBee Pro has well-spaced keys similar to the classic computer keyboard and adds even more comfort to typing. You can opt for multi-color key options or opt for a single-color layout. Check out the two KeyBee Pro limited editions – we’re sure you’ll love it.

The iGear KeyBee Pro is a retro typewriter-style wireless keyboard and mouse combo for desktops and laptops, and can also be used on smartphones and tablets. The KeyBee Pro resembles the iGear KeyBee which sports rounded keys similar to the classic typewriter and works with a single 2.4GHz wireless nano USB receiver. The Pro further offers a well-spaced 3-block layout for more comfort when typing, especially for those who need it for professional use.

Round keys add to the touch and feel of the classic old typewriter. The keys are very ergonomic and easily removable for cleaning as well. You can opt for multicolored keys or settle for a single color according to your choice. Complementing the keyboard, the ergonomic wireless mouse is designed with a round look to add to match the keys. The keyboard and mouse are connected to the source using a 2.4 GHz nano USB receiver and run on AA batteries that last over a year thanks to the automatic power saving function.

So go ahead and add a touch of nostalgia to your desktop with the iGear KeyBee Pro Retro Wireless Classic Typewriter Style Keyboard and Mouse Combo. Available in 4 bright and vibrant color variations for just Rs 3,500. Also available in limited edition options including Rose Gold with Black and Rose Gold with White.

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