Check out the retro-styled Mohawk 2 riding boots from REV’IT!


REV’IT! has paid a lot of attention to the retro crowd with its many offerings of equipment and clothing. From jackets, gloves and shoes, the company’s sleek and stylish designs have found their way into the wardrobes of many retro bike enthusiasts. At the top of its Heritage Innovation footwear collection is the Mohawk 2 riding boot, which is the perfect blend of style, comfort and safety.

REV’IT! explains that motorcycle boots of the past were designed for comfort, durability and longevity, more than fashion and style. Over the years, however, the boots have become more about style and attitude. Fast forward to today, the Mohawk 2 Riding Boots from REV’IT! offer uncompromising safety, comfort and protection, paired with iconic chic and fashionable styling on or off the bike. With that, the REV’IT! Mohawk 2 features a classic leather boot silhouette, but incorporates the protective elements of a motorcycle boot in a very subtle way.

While the styling of the Mohawk 2 may seem old-fashioned, its manufacturing processes are quite modern. It features an anatomically shaped ankle shell and footbed that have been designed to provide maximum comfort while riding. A gusseted tongue also adds comfort for long hours of cycling and miles of walking once you reach your destination. A removable shifter strap also adds a layer of protection and comfort, preventing premature wear to the leather finish of the left boot.

On the protection side, the Mohawk 2 benefits from a reinforced heel and toe that offer abrasion resistance in the event of a fall. A thermoformed heel shell provides support to the foot, lending itself to better ergonomics and ultimately comfort on long journeys. It encourages better posture of the foot, especially given the small surface area of ​​most motorcycle footrests. The toe cap features a similar thermoformed construction, which gives the boot better abrasion and impact resistance in the forefoot.

The REV’IT! Mohawk 2 boots are available in black and brown, and sizes 39 to 46. Safety certification consists of compliance with the EN 13634 safety standard, thanks to the shoes reinforced at the ankle, heel and toe. The Mohawk 2 boots are priced at 209.99 euros, which is the equivalent of US $ 248.


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