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The vintage boutique features classic clothing, electronics, and quirks

Stepping into the Dinostore in Dolores is like stepping back in time when style had its own life.

The store at 1127 Railroad Ave. is the creation of owner Steve King, a local artist and connoisseur of retro,

“I like to build stores. It’s a canvas to create a work of art, ”he says. “People joke I’m a dinosaur because of my tastes so I picked him for the name.”

Its slogan ‘relics of extinction’ is perfect for what’s inside the elegantly renovated space on the main road through town.

There are shelves of vintage clothing, including leather jackets, natural fiber sweaters, quality shirts, western boots and classic Levis jeans.

“I love warm natural wool, cashmere and alpaca sweaters,” King said. “The store’s theme ranges from the western to the Adirondacks, then Tahiti and Maui.

And there is a lot of retro. Cases and shelves display selected movie and movie cameras, artistic lamps, unique antiques, old maps, working swivel TV, turntables, tape recorders, typewriters, eight tracks, rugs and other objects of yesteryear times.

“My goal is to create a really nice environment for people who appreciate vintage clothing and accessories,” King said.

He scours the United States in search of the items that now fill the Dinostore.

“It’s like a treasure hunt to find really beautiful unique things, repair and restore them and present them in a beautiful setting,” he said.

“It never ceases to amaze me what people are going to do with the lamps! “

King’s three daughters, Sera, Skylar and Samantha, helped him set up and run the store.

“There are a lot of hidden treasures here,” said Skylar King. “It’s like digging up fossils from the past that no one knew still existed.”

The retro store is a mirror of Steve King, an eccentric artist who always has a flip phone, plays eight tracks, makes quality old school hats and boots, and revel in the history of classic products and brands. . A friend described her style as “elegance abandoned”.

This is the latest of several stores King started and operated during his lifetime, including former stores in Mancos, Telluride and Aspen.

“I knew I had one more in me. I took everything I learned to create this one, and it turned out to be great, ”he said. “My goal is that when you come in to shop or look around, the different vintage themes take you for a moment.”

Winter hours are Sunday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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