Dojoran looks like a fun retro-style platformer game about a Ninja Frog master


With an average of over 40 new games per week on the Switch eShop, just browsing the list for potential good “ones” can be a long, drawn-out endeavor. The one that caught our eye in its launch trailer, however, is Dojoran – it arrives on September 17th at a price of 4.99 USD / 4.99 €.

It’s the work of Brazilian developer Nautland, with the release of the ever-prolific Ratalaika Games. As you can see, this is a retro-inspired black and white platform game, in a rather fun way, describing itself as having 1 bit graphics. It’s very stylized, looks like a good challenge for platform ninjas, and seems like the kind of title that could easily pop up in independent “storefronts” and not look out of place.

Life is not as easy and straightforward as it seemed in your childhood. To survive in a world full of dangers, you must go through the difficult ninja frog training using secret techniques created by your ancestors.

Dojoran is a precision platformer where you have to use apples to double jump in different ways than usual. Simple and responsive controls provide great experience in challenges that need to be overcome more than once. Each death is learning to improve reflexes and control the character, rather than total frustration.

Gameplay inspired by games like Super Mario World, Celeste and Bloody Trapland. Artistic style inspired by Gameboy Pocket, Gato Roboto and Downwell games.

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