Gen Z Rediscovers These 5 Retro 2000s Fashion Trends Going Viral On TikTok


Trends are cyclical, so every decade or so you can expect a resurgence of style and beauty from bygone eras. Based on the fashion trends this year will see, it looks like 2021 is set to get a taste of the early 2000s. Remember the days of chain belts, platform flip flops, dogs carried in handbags and Simple life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie? It was the time when fashion was shimmering, bizarre, and completely on your face. Who would have thought they would be back! Thanks to the wonders of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Gen Z is rediscovering some of the most popular retro fashion trends of the 2000s.

5 retro fashion trends that are going viral right now

Generation Z puts us in a time machine because they look back on those retro fashion trends that were all the rage in the 2000s.

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1. Baguette bags

From Sarah Jessica Parker walking the streets of New York with hers to Hilary Duff keeping it snug on her shoulder, the wand bag was everywhere. Today, designers like Fendi and Prada have crafted their luxurious high-end versions to make the tote shift even smoother.

2. Yoga pants

Back in the days when leggings weren’t invented in every shape and style imaginable, we had yoga pants. Sitting low on the waist, adjusted to the calves and then flared, this is what athleisure dreams were made of. Gen Z has many more options today, but brought yoga pants back calling them “flared leggings.”

3. Skorts

Every athletic girl had a pair of “skorts” in her wardrobe. Although they looked like a skirt, under the layered layer they covered a pair of shorts underneath. Get ready to see them in action again, styled in a typical millennial way.

4. Velor tracksuit

An icon of the time, the velor tracksuit was worn by fashion royalty in the 2000s. From Britney Spears to Paris Hilton, no one can forget their Juicy Couture tracksuits in bright candy tones.

5. Low waist jeans

The 2010s may have been all about high waisted skinny jeans, but that will change this year. The low rise style that sits comfortably on the hip bone returns once again to showcase navel piercings and glitzy belts.

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