Gorgeous retro-style Primark shoes are giving shoppers a chill – and they’re just £18


Primark have announced their own retro-style clogs for just £18 a pair. The retailer has once again delighted fans by revealing the new item on its social media page – and it’s available in stores now.

Retro style is back with a vengeance in high street stores with many fashion trends from yesteryear making a resurgence. Clogs made a huge impression on the fashion world in the 70s, with virtually every style icon, model or actress wearing a pair at some point.

Now Primark shoppers have the opportunity to get their hands on their own pair at a bargain price. Slingback clogs, which are slip-on, have a slightly wedge heel with an elegant buckle on the top of the shoe.

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In a post shared on their Facebook page – which has over 6.5 million likes – the photo shows two pairs of slingback clogs available in black or brown leather. “New shoes alert,” Primark announced. “Tag someone who would like this.”

And plenty of enthusiastic shoppers were quick to swoop in on the new shoes, with many people pointing out how comfortable they are. Danielle Walton commented that she bought both pairs and said they were “really comfortable”. Rachel Simcock has already made her purchase and confirmed that the shoes are comfortable to wear.

Commentator Lynda Bennett said she “had a pair around 1974”, noting their resemblance to the 1970s fashion staple. Jackie Osborne also added that she had a similar pair when she was younger.

Aileen Flyn said she “might have to check it out” in store. Debbie Sleight admitted: “Yet another item on my ‘to buy’ list and I don’t know which color either looks so like both.”

While others wondered why the clothing retailer hadn’t made its range available online, Primark said it had “no plans in the future” to switch to online shopping. Head to the Primark website and use their store locator to find the nearest branch.

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