Great wired headphones are already considered “retro” fad


In case you aren’t feeling old enough on this cold Monday morning yet, there’s a new (old) fashion trend that’s going to leave some of us baby boomers in the dark. Those cute $ 200 Apple AirPods you just got are already out of fashion. And what took their place? Wired headphones.

Yes, you read that right. Thanks to a scathing new report from The Wall Street Journal, we learned this morning that wireless headphones are out, and you really need a nice pair of wired headphones to put your wardrobe together.

So what’s the deal with wired headphones anyway? It seems to me that we only recently got to the point of having these awesome true wireless earbuds like the Apple AirPods. Why are people so excited about wired headphones all of a sudden?

Apparently, wired headphones have already gone “retro”. You see, fashion is an endless cycle of recycled trends and aesthetics that are used over and over again.

Children always want to dress differently from their parents, who dressed differently from their parents.

And there aren’t so many options to choose from, so we’re ultimately coming back to a style that has come and gone.

And that’s pretty much what happened here. Wireless headphones have essentially become “too normal” to be any cooler.

This time around, it was wired headphones that made a comeback. Who knows, maybe once wired headphones go out of fashion, we can all start running again with boomboxes on our shoulders. You can go ahead and Google what a boombox is.

All this news does for me is confirm something I’ve known for a little while now: I’m not “cool” anymore, if I ever was in the first place. But that’s fine with me.

I’m just going to be “not cool” here with my wireless headphones while the rest of you spend 15 minutes unraveling that nest of rat wires from your trendy wired headphones.

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