Here’s where to buy when you’re channeling some retro fashion vibes


Boston fashion designer Luna Joachim loves 1950s style. But not everyone likes retro fashion.

If you’re not a 50s girl, you can still capture the vibe of retro fashion by embracing other decades. Iconic styles from the 1960s and beyond are making a comeback.

Grab your purse and find your inner vintage virtuoso at these Boston boutiques.

Retro fashion through the decades

Get moving in the 60s in Boston LIT Shop. It has all the mini skirts, shift dresses, and bold, colorful prints you need to channel your inner Twiggy.

Hang on a pair of round, wide-rimmed sunglasses on the way out.

Dive into the 1970s at Overwrite the shop, where updated versions of your favorite 1970s trends fill the shelves. Think embroidered shirts, flowing floral dresses, and baggy pants.

If you like a bit of androgyny and the ’80s power-suit look without the polyester, stop by December thieves.

You’ll find glamorous sequin dresses, matching menswear inspired sets that play with proportions and one or two daring shoulders.

If you’re still wondering when we traded ages, gear up accordingly at Shake the tree in the North End, full of graphic tees, utility jackets and ’90s-chic grunge style to make your heart sing like Courtney Love.

Finally, if you’re looking for the real deal rather than contemporary styles inspired by the past, Bobby from boston showcases authentic items from fashion history – and regularly dresses Hollywood movie sets and fashion houses.

A furry 1940s muff, a shoulder-length quilted skirt suit from the 1980s, a spaghetti strap top from the early 2000s? Everything is happening in the new three story South End Landmark location in Lynn, MA, and everything is legit.


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