Honda 300cc Retro-Style Scrambler will likely be launched next year


Japanese automaker Honda is reportedly working on a new 300cc scrambler – CL300 – set to make its world debut next year

Earlier this year it was revealed that Honda was planning to launch a new 500cc scrambler motorcycle. Now it looks like the company also has a 300cc Scrambler in the works. Honda recently trademarked the name “CL300” in some international markets, including Thailand, which is expected to be the name of this future jammer.

Fans of the brand would know that Honda’s “CL” series consisted of scrambler motorcycles. Honda’s next 300cc scrambler will likely be powered by a liquid-cooled 286cc single-cylinder engine, mated to a 6-speed sequential transmission. This powertrain works on Honda Rebel 300 and CB300, but with different engine tuning states on the two.

Reports suggest that the next Honda CL300 (and CL500) will be based on the Rebel 300 (and Rebel 500), using the same main motorcycle chassis as the latter. The rear frame, body panels, fuel tank, etc. however, would be different. The design of the CL300 would have a neo-retro flavor, in the same spirit as the Honda CB300.

Honda CL500 patent
Honda CL500 patent, credit:

The Honda CL300 should get a pair of 41mm telescopic forks up front and dual shocks in the rear. The suspension will also have plenty of travel at both ends, to make the bike decently off-road capable. Additionally, the bike will receive a high-mounted exhaust tip, to give it a more rugged look overall.

Currently, there is no confirmation regarding the launch of the Honda CL300. Some reports suggest it will launch next year, in a few international markets. The brand could also introduce the CL500 very soon, probably towards the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

Honda CB300R-2 2022

Honda could also launch the next CL300 in India, probably next year. In the Indian market, off-road style motorcycles – including scramblers and adventure touring models – have gained popularity in recent times. As such, Honda CL300 could do well here.

Honda was also supposed to launch the Rebel 300 in the Indian market, but that has yet to happen. Maybe the CL300 and Rebel 300 could make it to our shores? We certainly hope so!

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