Intel is launching a retro-style browser game called Pixel Pat, with CEO Pat Gelsinger


WTF? ! In what initially appears to be an April Fool’s Day prank, Intel marked the one-year anniversary of its CEO Pat Gelsinger at the helm by releasing an 8-bit-style browser game starring its boss. Not only will it provide light amusement for about thirty seconds, but you can also learn some interesting facts about Gelsinger and his story.

The aptly named Pixel Pat, which you can try here, is a free, endless runtime program created by Intel. This writer assumed it was an April Fool’s Day joke that the company may have posted a day earlier, and in a way it might be, but you can still play the retro-esque game.

Pixel Pat sees the eponymous hero make his way through Intel’s new manufacturing plant as he tries to collect wafers scattered around the facility. Collecting light bulbs will provide insight into the milestones that Gelsinger and Intel have developed over decades. Did you know, for example, that he joined the design team for the i386 processor in 1981?

Players can double-jump Pat, and you can see how many light bulbs and platelets have been collected once you die. Avoid what are presumably clouds of dust and bugs, two things no Fabulous Plant wants, though you can gain temporary invincibility by diving into a bunny suit. You also get extra lives by collecting hearts or 86 chips.

April Fool’s Day aside, Intel is likely considering advertising the game for Chipzilla and its CEO. Compared to some of the terrible PR promotions we’ve seen in the past, this one isn’t that bad. However, this comes a day after it was revealed that Gelsinger had earned $178.6 million in 2021, around 698% more than former CEO Bob Swan’s 2020 salary and 217 times more than the average Intel employee the same year, so maybe Intel thought pixelating him and praising his accomplishments would make the boss more likable. On second thought, maybe it’s not a good promotion after all.


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