KnewKey retro-style USB keyboard delivers the best of both eras



Is there anything more satisfying than typing on an old typewriter and hearing the keys click? Maybe by typing on a typewriter, then being able to immediately go back and edit on the computer. Wishful thinking? Not with the KnewKey retro keyboard! It’s a bluetooth keyboard with the appearance of a vintage typewriter (although nowhere near as heavy).

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Right out of the box, assembly and setup is super easy – I have an unboxing video on YouTube that shows the setup. The only thing to really put together is the holder for smartphones and tablets, which is a good idea, especially if I am writing in a cafe or library and don’t want to bring my computer, or for those who only have it. ‘a desktop and mobile device, not a laptop.

Admittedly, it’s a bit clunky to take away compared to other mobile keyboard options, like a tablet keyboard or slim Apple keyboards, although if it replaces a computer it’s not that big. It slips easily into a larger purse or backpack and offers the more aesthetic version of a keyboard that you can possibly type on.

KnewKey retro-style USB keyboard delivers the best of both eras - Review
Photo: E. Arnold

Which brings me to my biggest circulation of this product – the look and feel of the typewriter. Now, being the trashy hipster writer that I am, I own several typewriters – a classic model from the early 20th century, a manual model from the late 1960s, and an electric typewriter. I use the late 60s model the most because it is lighter, but the keys still feel heavy with the way each letter has to be pressed with a purpose, causing the writer to think about exactly what he means. That and of course, the look of it.

The KnewKey is a beautiful keyboard. That’s everything I love about writing on a typewriter with the modern conveniences of a computer like backspace, digital converting, wireless connectivity, and it turns on. As much as I love my vintage typewriters, it’s already worth its weight in gold just for the simple fact that I don’t have to deal with correction tape or replacing typewriter ribbons.

KnewKey retro-style USB keyboard delivers the best of both eras - Review
Photo: E. Arnold

The battery lasts a long time – it has an “auto shut off” feature, so if I’m watching a movie, video, or something and not using my keyboard, it will hibernate to save battery power. It’s not that bad when it needs to be recharged – it plugs directly into the computer’s USB port to charge.

Overall, I can’t think of a single downside to this keyboard; maybe if i wasn’t used to typing typewriters already there would be a learning curve, but if you like retro style but are looking for modern comfort i can’t recommend the KnewKey Rymek keyboard.

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