Marian M800 Spyder, a sleek retro design with power supply


It’s not just cars, but all-electric boats are a current phenomenon and not a pipe dream. They are not part of the future but of the present with smart packaging that makes them superior to conventional boats. The Marianne M800 Spyder is one of those boats that combines a sleek, retro-inspired design with quiet power. They are also a response to the tightening of regulations that slowly govern the waters. Electric boats are not only more environmentally friendly and easier to use, they are also better packaged. They can also be designed more freely, as evidenced by the sleek styling of the Marian M800 Spyder.

As its name suggests, it was the Austrian shipyard that made a Bowrider version of the Marian M 800 where the teak surface was replaced by additional seats for Alfresco navigation. The Spyder, as its name suggests, is the convertible version with classic lines. Although the hull looks like an M800, a lot of things have also been redesigned, but it’s also worth noting that the boat was designed to be electric from the start and includes a battery capacity of 125 kWh coupled with a motor power of 150 kW.

Marianne M800 Spyder

It is a water-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor that helps propel the boat to a top speed of 33 knots. A cruising speed of 22 knots brings a good combination of range and adjustability. Speaking of which at a calm speed, expect a range of 30 nautical miles. The 125kWh batteries are intelligently packaged and help deliver a consistent level of thrust through an abundance of torque.

Marian M800 Spyder in Cannes

The Marian M800 Spyder also has a new deck design with flexible packaging that increases space and brings additional seating where you can accommodate up to 10 passengers. The cabin is luxuriously trimmed with specially selected leather and they would of course be customized to meet the requirements of the buyer. Color, equipment, materials as well as luminaires can also be selected individually. There are also gadgets, including Bang & Olufsen marine speakers, mood lighting that can be controlled by your phone, and more.

Powered by electric battery boats It was said to be a tough proposition due to the added weight, complex engineering and increased cost, while water with its drag can also lead to high battery drain. However, the advent of technology has certainly advanced the use of electric boats for short-distance use and the environmental benefits it brings while reducing fuel costs.

In the future we may see more and more electric boats coming and in the case of the Marian M800 Spyder it retails for $270,000 and that makes it an attractive bowrider with a retro touch.


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