Mixie Haircut Trend: A Complete Guide to Retro Style


Short hair is all the rage in the spring. The same goes for combo cuts. We’ve seen the rise of the bixie haircut this year, and now the mixie haircut is in the spotlight. Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and other celebrities have been rocking this cropped jumpsuit to do lately. Atlanta Barber Julia Siegferth has an idea why the mixie is so popular right now.

“With the rise of personal style, funkier cuts and colors are on their way to living rooms everywhere,” they share. “Hair is inherently genderless and customizable, so I think the mixie is a really fun choice for everyone. This leaves the door open to an array of style variations and gender expressions, hence its popularity.

Whether you’re considering the mixie haircut trend yourself or just want to know more about it, Julia breaks down everything you need to know about this combination cut below!

What is Mixie?

The mixie is literally the combination of a mullet and a pixie haircut. “Think bangs, tendrils, all the shaggy bits,” notes Julia. The front tends to be a bit shorter and longer in the back.

Who is the Mixie for?

Julia is quick to share that this daring short is perfect for anyone who wants to try it out. “With the right styling products, anyone can have this cut. I have a mixie and my hair is straight. It just needs a little more styling,” they say.

They strongly encourage you to book a consultation ahead of time so your stylist can determine the right mixie haircut for your face shape and hair type. “Any haircut can be adapted to any face shape and style. Booking a consultation with a stylist is the best way to decide if someone will understand your vision,” Julia mentions.

What should you ask for if you want the cut?

If you decide to get a mixie, Julia again echoes the importance of a consultation. “There are so many variations of this haircut, but in my consultations I usually break it down into three sections to define what someone really wants,” they say.

They first start by determining what kind of bangs the client wants, whether it’s “curtain bangs, baby bangs, shaggy bangs, etc.” Then they determine if a customer wants their ears covered or uncovered. “Do you want to be able to put hair behind your ears? What kind of face framing do you like? The last part of the consultation is to determine the duration. “How long do you want the ‘party’? Flippy and short or longer tendrils?” All questions to ask before getting a mixie haircut.

“If you can identify these three things, you can identify the best fit for you,” they note. But they also mention that you shouldn’t “be afraid to ask your stylist for their opinion and what they think is best for your level of maintenance.”

How should the Mixie haircut be styled?

Knowing what to expect when styling a new haircut is also key in determining whether or not it’s right for you. Even if you already have a mixie, Julia’s tips are incredibly helpful.

“I always recommend a product to add grain to hair,” they begin. “Usually these haircuts don’t have a role, most of the hair in front of the ears plays into the bangs, so I usually try to push everything forward and then bring the ends of the bangs out. Embrace funky tracks!

They suggest using R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste because “it’s a great non-aerosol option that can give hair long-lasting texture and power. It’s like skipping day one hair feel.

Mixie haircut inspiration

Below are a handful of mixed haircuts to use as inspiration for your own haircut!

Want a short haircut but not ready for the mixie? The bixie may be a better option for you, so learn all about it HERE!


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