New C-pop boy group release ’90s retro-style pop song in Beijing


From left to right: UNION FOR OURTIMES members Gu Haofeng, Liu Jiarui and Zhou Jiaxuan Photo: Lao Guo

The newest boy group from China released a retro song from the 1990s on Saturday in an effort to breathe new life into the pop music of boy groups in the Chinese market.

After two years of training, UNION FOR OURTIMES, a boy group formed by three young singers – Liu Jiarui, Zhou Jiaxuan and Gu Haofeng – completed their first performance of the new song “Qingchun Feixingqi” (Youth Aircraft) at a launch conference in Beijing.

The song abandons today’s conventional dance music, choosing instead to replicate the vintage music style of the 1990s, the group’s agency Meidai told the conference.

The song was produced by famous Chinese musician Laomao, known as the “premier producer of dance music across the country” by many.

Laomao’s popular hits range from “Shangbuqi” (Too Delicate to Hit) to “I’m Not Huang Rong”, the phenomenal song sung by Rollin Wang in 2004.

As for the three members, Meidai told the conference that with “the current wave of crackdown on tainted celebrity culture that has affected their fans’ living idols instead of their works, many boy groups have disappeared from the Chinese music market “.

The company said it was looking to restore popularity to boy groups at a time when TFBOYS and UNIQ were charming and ruled the music market on the Chinese mainland by producing more hit songs. Born in 2004, Gu Haofeng is the youngest of the three but has worked in the drama industry for 12 years. Gu has appeared in dozens of film and television works such as the famous costume drama Legend of Mi Yue.

Liu Jiarui is a student at the Beijing Film Academy who is good at dancing and interested in performing.

Zhou Jiaxuan studied at the Beijing Academy of Contemporary Music, majoring in pop music. He was a child model and accumulated rich experience in stage activities.

In 2018, Meidai recruited interns to form a boy group suitable for the music market of mainland China.

After three years of training, the three were able to make their debut as UNION FOR OURTIMES.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the group also carried out some activities before their debut.

In April, the three members participated in the “Beijing Outstanding Youth Representatives” program to tell the story of the founding of the CPC.

In May, they also participated in another program organized by the Beijing Communist Youth League to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CCP.


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