Noordung launches retro-style e-bike with four built-in boombox speakers and air pollution sensors


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Noordung’s Boombox is one of the most eye-catching and innovative electric bikes of the year, featuring an air pollution particle sensor, retro-style design and a set of four powerful speakers, capable of producing sound high fidelity.

While Noordung’s marketing team places more emphasis on design and range or top-notch performance,

It has a carbon fiber frame, 680mm stem and bar set, 27.5” 5-spoke wheels, Pirelli Angel GT Urban tyres, 10-speed Microshift Advent transmission and high-performance Magura braking system. of range.

In addition, it has a sleek, rounded and vintage headlamp made by Litemove.

Pedaling assistance is provided by a small 250W hub motor that makes very little noise.

Noordung Boombox

The Noordung e-bike weighs only 17.3 kilograms without the “Boombox”.

The Boombox, as the name suggests, has a high quality integrated entertainment system consisting of four separate speakers mounted around the top of the bike frame.

However, the most exciting innovation inside the Noordung Boombox is a PM 2.5 and PM 10 particle sensor that monitors air pollution.

When you take it for a ride or use the device as a standalone speaker, you’re tracking real-time air quality data.

Noordung Boombox

Once aggregated, it is made available to you via the dedicated Noordung app so cyclists can find the least polluted routes and enjoy the freshest air possible.

The Boombox weighs 3.5kg and hides a ton of cool tech while maintaining the bike’s sleek, clean look.

It is powered by a 300Wh battery, which has a range of up to 37 miles, can also be used as a standalone power bank, and as the manufacturer states, it takes about three hours to fully charge the battery. .

Project: Noordung Boombox
Design: Noordung Ltd.
Manufacturer: Noordung Ltd.


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