Retro-style NFTs that will take you back in time…


Phoenix, AZ, Jan. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) RetroKydz offers you an exciting opportunity to relive your childhood. It offers to recreate the peaceful experience of your childhood years which were marked by freedom from all kinds of worries, grudges and competition. It is rolling out 2000 exclusive, redeemable, retro-style 3D pixelated NFTs to the market that will allow holders to be part of a mental health community on blockchain technology.

These beautifully crafted NFTs look very promising as the fast-paced, competitive and busy lifestyle of the modern era has robbed a lot of mental peace and true friendships. In fact, results from the 2014 Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey found that 1 in 6 adults suffer from a common mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression, every week, and that one in five adults has considered suicide at some point. The irony is that many such cases go undiagnosed and of those identified, many are reluctant to seek professional help due to the stigma attached.

In such circumstances, RetroKydz NFTs will serve as badges that can be worn with pride as they do not signify that the holders have a problem, but rather serve as a representation that NFT owners represent equality, peace, justice. love, harmony. , mental health and above all humanity. These NFTs will help develop virtual friendships and provide members with a platform where they can express their emotions. In simple terms, it can be said that they will serve as a token of belonging to a community of 2000 where people will have the chance to talk about their specific mental health problems and also their daily struggles that leave them depressed or disturbed. By sharing their problems, members will be able to help and advise each other. Although connectivity seems to be a major challenge, RetroKydz solved this problem as well. He plans to keep members connected through regular Zoom calls so that healthy relationships and bonds can be developed without geographic barriers or mobility issues.

The uses of these NFTs are numerous as holders will be able to preview upcoming projects and special offers. The best part is that members will also have access to expert advice from mental health professionals. These professionals will occasionally make group calls on Discord to talk about important issues and provide advice regarding any significant events – if needed. On top of all this, community members will have access to a dedicated channel where motivational quotes and words of encouragement will be shared to boost their spirits.

Considering their usefulness, these NFTs are very likely to sell out soon, so hurry up and make a purchase before it’s too late. Each NFT costs 50 ADA and can be purchased on the Cardano blockchain. The process to achieve this is quite simple: the typing has already started; all you have to do is send the ADA equivalent of the number of NFTs you want to buy to the address provided on the Retrokydz website. In order to give everyone a fair chance, RetroKydz has maintained a maximum purchase limit of 20 NFTs per transaction.

One thing to remember when transacting is that the ADA must be sent via a wallet that supports Cardano NFTs, otherwise you will not receive your NFT token. If the NFTs run out by the time your payment is received, or if you end up accidentally paying more or less than the correct amount, your ADA will be returned to you so you can complete the transaction without worrying about loss or damage. an accident.

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