STOGA Cooperation announces the launch of a new product: “STOGA Retro Style Mini Gaming Keyboard”


Shenzhen, Guangdong – March 31, 2022 – STOGA Cooperation, a world-class innovative gaming company and creator of high-performance gaming controllers, recently announced the launch of its innovative new gaming keyboard: “STOGA Retro Style Mini Gaming Keyboard”.

The new gaming keyboard is part of STOGA’s efforts to become a global leader in the gaming industry, providing all of its global customers with the most innovative and high-tech gaming devices, gadgets and/or accessories that deliver an experience unprecedented game to both current and potential buyers.

“I am proud to once again announce another groundbreaking innovative product to all of our customers and fellow gaming enthusiasts around the world,” said the CEO of STOGA Cooperation. “This is the result of our innovative purpose, ambition to lead the gaming industry through technology-driven innovation and building the best and most innovative gaming devices capable of keeping our business in a relevant position and turn the ever-evolving multi-billion dollar gaming industry.

The CEO went a step further by expressing his company’s commitment to providing all of its customers with the most outstanding gaming experience, providing them with a new level of gaming solutions.

“Bringing our local and international customers to a new level of innovative gaming experience has always been our watchword here at STOGA. That’s why our next-gen high-tech team has gone the extra mile in creating this unprecedented STOGA retro-style mini gaming keyboard to introduce our customers today to tomorrow’s gaming solutions,” added the CEO.

Mechanical Stoga gaming keyboard with 20 light effects. Use FN + PrtSc to change light effects. The white backlight does not affect the color of the keyboard, even in daylight. It is very useful for social recordings. The soft light does not dazzle and the buttons are clearly visible at night.

The typewriter keyboard has a unique style with a lightweight, space-saving 84-key design. Braun switch mechanical keyboard that gives you the best gaming experience, enjoy keystroke bounce, excellent touch and accuracy.

The Stoga mechanical keyboards with the mixed brown keys are shiny and beautiful. Concave round keys attached to the fingertips relieve fatigue during long typing sessions. The mechanical gaming keyboard offers smooth and comfortable typing.

The PC keyboard has a detachable USB Type-C cable to ensure a secure connection and reliable transmission while on the go. The mechanical keyboard is a good gift for your friends.

The gaming keyboard package contains 1 x keyboard, 1 x user manual (English language not guaranteed), 1 x 1.8m USB keyboard cable.

The Retro Style Mini Gaming Keyboard is available for purchase at

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STOGA Cooperation, a global innovator and creator of high performance game controllers. It offers top quality accessories and customizable game controllers for consoles and PCs and is chosen by many professional gamers as well as casual gamers.

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