The girl who stars in this cool retro-style McDonald’s Japan video is actually 62 years old!


McDonald’s Japan famous sound 50th anniversary by recreating the scene on opening day of its first restaurant in Tokyo.

Tuesday marked 50 years to the day since the opening of the first McDonald’s branch in Japan. Customers at McDonald’s in the Ginza district of Tokyo on July 20, 1971 were the first in the country to taste the chain’s Bic Macs, fries and shakes.

To celebrate the anniversary, McDonald’s Japan takes a loving look back with an awesome ad that recreates the scene on opening day. Not just the video reproduce the look of restaurants, employee uniforms and even packaging in 1971, but also the fashion of the time, with a large number of actors and actresses dressed in period clothing and hairstyles.

▼ A photo of the Ginza opening in 1971

An image from the video recreation

We soon see the star of the ad, a young girl on a date who sits at a table while her boyfriend waits in the long line to bring them burgers. When the actress was interviewed about what it was like to dress in this’ 70s style, you would expect her to describe it as’ retro ‘or’ old school ‘, but the word qu she chose was “nostalgic”, because she is in fact played by Japanese actress Yoshiko Miyazaki, who is 62 years old!

Yoshiko Miyazaki

Also Yoshiko Miyazaki

There is in fact a bittersweet story in progress at the start of the video. When the boy returns to their table with their burgers, schoolgirl Miyazaki (who, again, is actually Miyazaki, 62), refuses to take even a single bite of his Big Mac. “Aren’t you going to eat, after we’ve come this far?” asks for her date, but young Miyazaki simply nods with a strained smile and a strained laugh.

Awkward mood persists while the boy eats his meal, and when he’s done, they go their separate ways. “Well, bye …” said the boy, and the young one Miyazaki watches his back as he walks away, his own expression silently starting to fade into sadness..

We then moved on to the present day, where Miyazaki, obviously 62, sits in a modern McDonald’s with another teenager, who asks her “But grandma, why didn’t you eat it?” “

“I mean, I was embarrassed! “ she said to her grandson. “How could I eat such a huge thing in front of a guy I loved?” “ she explains. But that just raises another question, as she’s seemingly overcame her embarrassment to open wide for a bite of Big Mac. “Well, what about Grandpa?” “ asks the boy, to which older Miyazaki says “I don’t feel embarrassed at all! I wonder why ? with a warm little laugh.

However, that doesn’t mean that Grandma Miyazaki doesn’t love her husband. Suddenly, there is a knock on the window, and it’s grandfather, accompanied by their granddaughter. Miyazaki smiles at them and waves to them before they join the couple at their table and make them a group of four.

“Uh … so if the Bic Mac had been a little smaller, I wouldn’t be here.” the grandson muse.

▼ The “making of” video for the advertisement

In 1971, Miyazaki herself was still living in Kyushu, the opposite of the country from Tokyo, so she did not personally eat at Ginza McDonald’s on the first day. However, McDonald’s Japan says the plot of the advertisement is based on a true story of one of his clients. It’s a sweet reminder that sometimes what feels like heartbreak at the moment isn’t really a romantic setback, but is part of the winding road on your way to finding someone you can feel truly happy with and comfortable, and we can’t help but wonder if we ever heard of a love that blossomed in part because of the McDonald’s Caramel Macaroon Burger we created.

Source: YouTube / マ ク ド ナ ル ド 公式 (McDonald’s) via Fieldcaster, McDonald’s Japan
Top image: YouTube / マ ク ド ナ ル ド 公式 (McDonald’s)
Insert images: McDonald’s Japan, YouTube / マ ク ド ナ ル ド 公式 (McDonald’s)
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