The Supreme Nike Air Max 96 debuts with a remixed retro design


Supreme is back with the spring 2021 collaborations. But rather than taking inspiration from the fresh and formal Dr. Martens, this time around it’s all about sportiness, with a little retro twist. Nike is teaming up with the New York streetwear brand on a redesigned Air Max 96. It will soon be available in three colourways and offers a host of unique design choices, so jump right in for all the details you need on this unique crush sneaker.

Supreme leaves its mark on the classic Nike Air Max 96

Rumors of a collaboration between Nike and Supreme started to circulate in 2020, but the truth is finally here. Confirmed by Supreme, we now have full access to what the latest novelties from these two brands have to offer. This is by no means the first joint venture we’ve seen, nor the first re-release of an expired Nike staple. In March, we saw the release of down jackets and tracksuits from the SNKRS collection, but these fashion houses have even revamped the the iconic Air Force 1.

Starting with the camouflage option, the first thing that stands out is how far Supreme has gone to leave its mark on those classic kicks. Faithful to the hyper-branding common to Supreme clothing, there are no less than ten iterations. From the tongue cut to the metal backplate of the shoe, you will find the most visible logo on the sole itself. This is visible thanks to the unique translucent windows that stagger the rods.

Supreme x Nike Air Max 96 Translucent Upper: How Good Is Your Sock Set?

Supreme took a big risk by modifying Nike’s flagship shoe in 1996. The Air Max 96 was only reissued in its original form, which you can still find on most retailers for around $ 160. We’ve seen some color changes straight from Nike, like the 96 II’s in cherry, or the coveted 96 XX in garish green. The Supreme x Nike version is available in three modern colourways: black, white and camo. Maybe by keeping it simple in the color department to stay focused on the structural changes being made.

Price and availability:

There is no official price from Supreme or Nike, as the technical release of the new Air Max 96 is technically not expected until May 6 in the US and Europe, and May 8 in Japan. However, Stadium Goods has the shoes listed on its site in both Black and Camouflage, priced To $ 515. We can’t say for sure if that’s how much you can hang them on Supreme website Next Thursday, given that it could be an exclusive pre-release prize or a low-profile sneaker scalping.

9to5Toys point of view:

At the very least, brand name shopping must be important to you to justify these shoes. Supreme has taken brand recognition to a level close to performance art, and these sneakers are a prime example. But when working with 25-year-old semi-icon statuses, it’s exciting to see something bold and modern infused into the release. Translucent panels have been in place for a few years now, notably from the Converse exclusive transparent Chuck Taylors. Injecting new life into something classic is exactly what a good brand collaboration should be, and in that regard I think Supreme and Nike have done it.

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