These three retro fashion items sell for gold on resale sites


Reselling your old clothes is good, but getting rich by choosing pieces that are now selling at exorbitant prices is even better! A new study recently took a look at the most coveted fashion items of the moment, listing the top-grossing pieces, sometimes selling for up to several thousand dollars.

The second-hand market has been booming since the start of the pandemic, allowing many people to shop wisely while reducing their impact on the planet. But the savings market also offers some people the opportunity to get rich with certain coins that are now selling at exorbitant prices. Some individuals even make a living from it!

The Superdry* brand has taken to the subject, analyzing and cross-referencing data from Google, Ebay and TikTok to determine the most popular decades in fashion, but also the retro items that bring in the most money on resale platforms . What better opportunity to sort through your wardrobe, and get rid of your old gear while filling your wallet?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not sneakers that fetch the most eye-catching prices today, well almost… 1990s shoulder bags are now the most valuable fashion items on the resale market , with an average price of less than €3,200, and some models being resold for up to €6,500, a tidy sum!

In second place come sneakers from the 1980s, which are regularly sold at auction. These find takers at an average resale price of nearly €2,200, and sometimes up to €4,400, again a substantial sum. The three most valuable retro items are complemented by 80s leather jackets, which average over €1,750 and up to €3,500. Note that classic 80s jackets, 50s dresses and 90s sneakers are also trading at full price.

Additionally, Superdry took a look at the most popular decades on TikTok. And while Gen Z’s infatuation with the 2000s has been clearly felt in recent months, it’s clear that the 90s are still dominating the scene. With nearly 1.8 billion views, this decade stands out as an essential era in the history of fashion.

* For this study, a list of relevant fashion hashtags was compiled for each decade and then analyzed on TikTok to determine which had the most views. A second list of 140 key elements for each decade was compiled and then analyzed through Google Keyword Planner to determine search volumes. Resale prices for each of these items were obtained through eBay, taking the lowest and highest to establish an average. See the full report at:

Christine Pellissier


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