Ultimate Showdown to receive retro-styled DLC character skins that go to the full polygon


Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is expected to be included in the official PlayStation Plus line of games for June. Subscribers will be able to access the remade 3D Fighting title starting June 1, before it sees a commercial version once its time on the service is up.

In addition to the new bells and whistles that we’ll see included with the updated title, Sega is also releasing a DLC costume set for everyone on the roster. This “Legend Pack” gives each competitor a skin that changes their design to look exactly like the very first Virtua Fighter title.

This skin pack will go live the same day the game is released, reports Destructoid.

These alternate looks take every fighter back to 1993, with mainstays like Akira appearing to have been taken straight from the original title and tweaked for a new era. However, other competitors will benefit from an all-new, retro-style design.

So far we’ve seen Akira, Taka-Arashi, Eileen, and Goh in this polygonal style.

In addition to the retro skins, the Legendary Pack will also include a classic UI that will replace the health bars and timer with the one we know and still love from the original version of Virtua Fighter.

The Legendary Pack will be available for purchase for around $ 10 USD, and PS + members will be able to purchase it immediately when Ultimate Showdown hits the service. A retail version of Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown will be released once it leaves PS + and will be priced at $ 30 – which will include the Legendary Pack.


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