Victrola’s Re-Spin brings retro style to its range of portable turntables


Victrola presents its new Re-Spin at CES. This $100 retro-style all-in-one record player upgrades its internal speaker for an enhanced listening experience. The Re-Spin will be available in summer 2022.

To make the vinyl listening experience more environmentally friendly, Victrola plans to make the Re-Spin 20% smaller in size and weight compared to traditional suitcase turntables. The Re-Spin packaging will be 100% recycled and smaller in size as well.

Victrola recently introduced a new anti-vibration speaker enclosure that promises both vinyl skip-free listening and improved sonic performance, with an emphasis on bass.


The Victrola Re-Spin retro portable turntable will be available in your choice of red, green, blue or grey.

The retro-style case will come in a choice of blue, green, gray and red. The unit includes a 7 inch vinyl adapter with large holes. For wired listening, there’s a 1/8-inch headphone jack, as well as RCA output ports with an internal preamp for connecting to an external stereo system.

Wireless listeners have two options. The Re-Spin can stream your vinyl to any Bluetooth speaker using Victrola’s Vinyl Stream technology or you can use the Re-Spin as a speaker to play music from. any Bluetooth device.


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