Women of Achievement fashion 2019: bold accessories, retro style


From left to right, Doreen Cugno, Class of 2014, Carmela Montella, Class of 2019, Frank Montella and Luanne Sorrentino, Doreen’s sister, Class of 2014 (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

Hundreds of women at the forefront of fashion were adorned with an elegant collection of gorgeous daytime looks at the 57th Annual Advance Women of Achievement Celebration at the Hilton Garden Inn on Thursday.

We’ve seen everything from classic mini and maxi dresses in sunny hues, power suits and patterned pencil skirts, to silks, garden-inspired flowers, wide leg pants, outfits from pants and more, all in a variety of styles and colors. .

And keen to keep their ensembles fun and fresh, fashionistas who were dressed to impress weren’t in the least afraid to step out of the box and get a little splashy by showcasing bold jewelry, a silk scarf or cape. strikingly illustrated, or even an unusual handcrafted handbag.

Some fashion-savvy guests have even chosen spring looks with traditional sheer satins, exquisite lace and ruffles – always an appealing retro style that continues to evoke smiles and praise.

And still others opted for chic, sassy, ​​and sporty partings which they coordinated with matching bespoke blazers – all of the above while chatting over lunch and raising their glasses to toast the six women from time for the community spirit.

So here are a few fashion examples, highlights we found in the ballroom as we walked through the crowd – which exemplify all of the above:

Sisters Doreen Cugno and Luanne Sorrentino, the class of 2014 was spotted in fine, fabulous blooms.

“We went with a garden theme this year,” said the co-founders of the St. George Theater. Doreen accessorized her dress with Fendi shoes and Luanne with Chanel.

And because Carmela Montella, one of this year’s winners, told us it was her favorite color, she chose a “cream beige” peplum-style sleeveless dress with matching gold accessories.

And get this, Carmella and her husband Frank are always color coordinated. So Frank showed up in his “cream beige” Michael Kors and Giorgio Armani sports jacket, tie and tie pin.

David Lehr and Fran Hogan, Class of 1999. (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

It was easy for Fran Hogan to choose a hot pink and green floral dress that fit her like a glove.

She then revealed that she felt it was appropriate to wear a gold watch her mother gave her when she became an accomplished woman in the class of 1999.

Fran Hogan, Class of 1999 displays the watch given to her by her mother when she was named Woman of Success. (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

Fran accented his stunning watch with a sparkling bracelet.

From left to right, Jean Ringhoff, class of 2014 and Julie DeStefano. (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

And a patriotic Jean Ringhoff, the class of 2014 never leaves home without their Twin Towers 9/11 silver pin which they make sure to wear on their lapel. God bless America, says John.

Deana Martin, Caroline Diamond and John Griffeths. (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

Deana Martin, daughter of entertainment icon Dean Martin, who will perform “Deana Sings Dino” on Friday night at Lorenzo’s Cabaret at the Hilton Garden Inn, wore a lovely Karen Millen dress, an eye-catching green, black and beige print with black Stuart pumps Weitzman.

And we hear the Nicotras are taking Deana and her husband John Griffeths to a certain Port Richmond pizzeria, where she’ll have a “New York Pie,” followed by Ralph’s Italian ice cream.

From left to right, Elissa Montanti, class of 2011 and Monica Watson. (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

Talk about trending jewelry: Elissa Montanti wore an unusual black and white high and low necklace.

And Monica Watson was draped in a black shawl with vibrant butterfly accents. “I love butterflies because they make me feel free,” she said.

From left to right, Allison Cohen and Cara Liander. (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

Allison Cohen looked pretty in lavender tones with a matching bag. “I feel like I’m in Vogue – their spring line,” she said.

And Cara Liander, wore the same navy blue bridesmaid dress she donned at the Staten Island Ferry wedding, when she was Sarah and Ezra Donellan’s matron of honor.

From left to right, Claudette Duff, Dolores Morris, class of 2017, Mona Zaloom, class of 2017, Sonia Layne, Aurora Nazareno O’Campo, class of 2006, Georgiana DiMauro, class of 1991, and Carol Berardi, class of 2001 (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

Aurora Nazareno O’Campo, Class of 2006, looked up to the minute in a hand-painted lightweight linen Jusi blouse imported from the Philippines, her homeland. “My sister gave it to me,” she said proudly.

From left to right, Rosemary Montanti, Stacey and Peter Montanti, Eileen Gregor and Michele LaBove. (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

And we couldn’t help but notice Stacey Montanti’s drum-shaped Nicole wallet / purse in brilliant hues studded with sparkling stones that she bought on a recent trip to Las Vegas.

Stacey Montanti’s adorable handbag from Las Vegas. (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

Public administrator Edwina Martin. (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

Public administrator Edwina Martin’s derby has a history. Years after graduating from law school, she stopped by Barney’s on the Sunday after church.

The vendors loved seeing her and sold her this hat for a price. Edwina accented her treasure with a red flower.

From left to right, Donna Long, class of 1996, Edie Docktor, class of 1995, Maureen Fisher, class of 1995 and Carol Dunn, class of 2015 (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

Kathy Connors wore a $ 20 gold coin that belonged to John’s grandmother, Marie Connors, an advanced successful woman in the class of 1989. (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

Kathy Connors, Class of 2019 and Patricia Wynne, Class of 2006. John’s grandmother, Marie Connors, was selected in 1989, and daughter, Patricia Connors Wynne, in 2006. (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

From left to right, Helen Settles, Class of 2002, Jennifer Straniere, Class of 2009, Marcia Klein, Class of 2017 and former Borough President Ralph Lamberti. (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

From left to right, Marcia Klein, class of 2017 and Alice Diamond. On the left of the photo, Timothy Harrison and on the right Elissa Montanti, class of 2011. (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

From left to right, Travis Noyes, Timothy Harrison and Jaclyn Tacoronte. (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

Caroline Harrison, Editor of Advance, Mae and Thomas Scarpaci, Fran Hogan, class of 1999, and Carmela Montella, class of 2019 (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

Bernice Fisher, winner of this year, and Eleanor Conforti, class of 1978.

From left to right, Sheree Lynette Goode, class of 2016 and Sylvia Moody D’Alessandro, class of 1998, who is a Women of Achievement judge. (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

From left to right, Belinda Dixon, class of 1994, Precious Braddy, class of 1999, Alla Mae Clark, class of 2019 and Carre Williams. (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)

Retired judge Philip Straniere, Jennifer Straniere, class of 2009, Fan Reali class of 2008, Allison Straniere and Vincent Innocente. (Staten Island Advance / Carol Ann Benanti)


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